Having a Baby

Give your baby the best gift a parent can give – protection for the future

Updating or Creating Your Estate Plan

Many life milestones highlight the need for Estate Planning, but none are as important as when you have a child. You are now responsible for another person and you want to protect them – even when you aren’t around. So although you are exhausted and your to-do list keeps growing, make sure you get these important documents in place now. Your child will thank you later.

Naming a Guardian

Estate Planning is all about who inherits your possessions when you die. And now, the most important thing in your life is your child. It seems impossible to imagine that there could be a time when you aren’t here for her. But there are no guarantees for tomorrow. You need to select a Guardian to raise your child if something were to happen to you and your partner.

Understanding Trusts

When leaving inheritance to your children, understand that they cannot directly accept these assets until they are 19. If you were to pass while your child is a minor, what you leave for them would be held and released in full to him on his 19th birthday. If you had a Trust, you could decide how and when your child receives funds even after he becomes a young adult.