Establishing Guardianships

When both parents of a minor child tragically pass, a new Guardian must be legally named for the child. This provides the selected person – or persons – the legal rights to make decisions for the child. Additionally, the Guardian will likely receive estate assets of the deceased to help with raising the child.

If you have been named a Guardian and it is time to step into your new role, we are here to help with your legal needs.

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Multiple Guardians

It is recommended that a primary Guardian and an alternate be named in a Will in case the primary is unavailable. If you are listed as a primary Guardian and are unable to fulfill those duties, we can help determine your next steps.

Married Guardians

Many times a married couple is selected and both names should be listed in the Will so you both get legal custody of the child. If only one of you was listed, there are options available. Give our office a call to discuss: 402.718.8888

Becoming a Trustee

Many Guardians are also named as the Trustee for a Trust established in the child’s name to help financially support the new family. You can execute both of these elements of the Estate Plan during the Probate process.

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