Getting Married

You are ready for Happily Ever After but sometimes that isn’t the way it goes

Updating Beneficiary Information

You are likely already a part of the workforce. Remember all that paperwork you filled out on your first day? You named a Beneficiary for your life insurance and your 401k – and it was probably one of your parents. Now that you are married, you will want to ensure those benefits go to your spouse if something were to happen to you. Coordinating Beneficiary designations with a Will is a very important part of an Estate Plan.

Identifying Every Asset

You have a habit of not putting things back where they are suppose to be. She is finding this out now. Don’t make her go hunting for all your assets if something were to happen to you. During a basic Estate Planning session, we will help you identify every asset, account and policy you own so it is in one place. And we will do the same for your spouse. You will have one set of documents that contain everything so your spouse won’t be lost.

Owning Your Joint Assets

Before you got married, you owned a house. Your new husband also owned a home. If you decide to keep both – make sure that you put each other’s names on the titles. The same goes for cars and bank accounts. You can keep financial accounts separate, just ensure your spouse is noted as a co-owner (or a beneficiary) just in case the unthinkable happens.