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5 Top Estate Planning Tips

  1. Organize Your Documents:  Preparing for the future starts with getting your affairs in order.  Take a moment to consider the emotional toll on your family after your passing.  Keep all essential documents, usernames, and passwords alongside your Estate Plan papers. Inform your family where they can find this crucial information.
  2. Safeguard Your Original Will:  To initiate a Probate proceeding, your family will need the original copy of your Will.  Ensure your family knows its location. In Nebraska, we have the advantage of filing the original Will with the county Probate court at any time. Sometimes it makes sense to file the original Will at the time of signing and keep a copy along with the court receipt to avoid any issues in locating the it later.
  3. Coordinate Non-Probate Assets: Understand the distinction between Probate and non-Probate assets, as it affects your Estate Plan. Pay close attention to beneficiary designations on life insurance policies and retirement plans, including contingent beneficiaries, and d make sure the beneficiary designations align with your Estate Plan goals.
  4. Leave a Meaningful Legacy:  Your Estate Plan offers an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on your family.  Consider including sentimental gifts, personal notes, and heartfelt letters for your loved ones.
  5. Periodic Estate Plan Review:  Keep your Estate Plan up-to-date by reviewing it every three to five years. Tax laws, estate size, and beneficiary circumstances may change, making certain Estate Planning options more appealing over time.

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